• Raise Your Cup for a Cause

    Raise Your Cup for a Cause

    September is a special month for the Boniello’s. It’s a time to reset & get ready for the next couple of months ahead. It is also our Great Aunt’s Birthday month. For those of you who didn’t know Lee, we are truly sorry for your loss. She was a selfless woman who did everything and anything for anyone she came across. She cared for the Boniello daughters as if they were her own, and Bianca, Karli & Brooke saw her as a second mother. Sadly, we lost our Great Aunt in May of 2018. A piece of each of our hearts is now in heaven.

    She worked from the time she was 18 in the Twin Towers at Port Authority. She survived the bombings of 1993 and the ever-so-relevant, attacks of 9/11. She then took on the role as caretaker for the Boniello family, helping Tony & Vikki raise the girls while they worked to create a beautiful life for their family. Once the girls got older, Aunt Lee took a job as an aid in Lincoln School where she became known as Miss Lee.

    She never had any kids of her own but she enjoyed helping them, aiding them & teaching them right and wrong. After she passed, she was missed by many. She touched so many lives. Graciously, to keep her memory alive & impact known, the school set up a scholarship in her name. Each year, 1-2 Pompton Lakes High School seniors receive her award.

    In efforts to fund her scholarship, The Boniello Family has teamed up with BBoards. BBoards is the creative handwriting/calligraphy business of Bianca Boniello.

    To support, it’s easy. Simply choose between a 12 oz Plastic Cup, great for kiddies and adults alike, a 20 oz Plastic Cup, great for outdoor entertaining or clumsy people (haha!), or a standard 20 oz Glass. You have the option to add your name to make it even more special.

    To make your donation, simply visit our website or use this link >>> raiseyourcup to fill out the form. A percentage of the proceeds will go towards the scholarship, and the rest will support two local small businesses: Boniello’s & BBoards.

    When the going gets tough, we stand to the challenge. Lee taught us that. Let’s all raise a cup to the fine woman our Aunt was & that she will always be remembered as. Let’s raise a cup to the support you have given us through this crazy year. Let’s raise a cup because we will get through all of this together.

    We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, compassion & support. We wouldn’t be here without all of you.

    See you soon,

    The Boniello Family

  • This Is Us

    It’s us, The Boniello Family. We are so excited to introduce ourselves to you. Tony, Vikki, Bianca, Karli & Brooke here! 

    The Boniello Family
    We are a close-knit, American/Italian family, who loves to eat, entertain & enjoy life. We are all different and that’s what makes it work. From a hardworking college student, to a brilliant pharmacy doctorate, a talented mason, an amazing administrative assistant, to a creative calligraphist & business manager, we have it all covered. Boniello’s may be our second job, but it is our main priority. We started Boniello’s, Bons for short, in December 2014 with the thought that it would support our family. We wanted to provide great quality food to our community & simply just becoming your favorite local pizza joint.

    Fast Forward

    to 2020, one of the most challenging years of our lives, and here we are a restaurant with rustic-chic farmhouse vibes that provides no-contact curbside pickup & outdoor dining on our newest addition of Boniello’s, the Patio. 

    We have an amazing staff who all embody the word resilience & care for our business like it’s their own. As our business continues to grow, so does the love for our community. We thought we were blessed before this pandemic, and let us tell you, you all confirmed it while living through it.

    Even after we were forced to reconfigure our business, policies etc, you have all been there to support the dream. Thank you.

    Whether you stop by for a slice, order your dinner online or use us to cater your get-together, you are supporting a family; and for that we are forever grateful. So, if you still have yet to try us out, give us a ring, order online or email us your questions. We’d love to hear from you. Try our food, we’ll become friends & you’ll feel as though you’re family. 

    With Love,

    The Boniello Family

    Tony, Vikki, Bianca, Karli, Brooke & Staff